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Making repeat patterns from an abstract etching

Scan 44 copyThe image above is an experimental drypoint etching I made a few years back. The inspiration for the drawing came from looking at preserved  herbarium specimens of the cotton plant. At the time, I wanted to find out more about cotton, a plant that we use everyday in such a wide variety of ways. I started looking at some of the many variations of the plant, displayed systematically on sheets of paper at the Herbarium of Liverpool Museum. I was inspired by  composition of the various parts of the plant, dried and placed on sheets of parchment.

To make the print, I etched a loose line drawing into a sheet of aluminium, the drawing method I used helped me lose control, creating a more obscure image. I hope that the image obtains an abstract quality, that’s subject matter is left to the imagination. In a sense, it is my attempt at interpreting the beauty of a highly complex and important material.

The following images were generated through randomly cropping parts of the above print on the computer and flipping and repeating to achieve something that looks a bit like a pattern.



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Getting Back into Life Drawing

Last week I went along to my first life drawing class in quite a few years. The aim of the exercise for me was to not only to practice my observational drawing skills (very rusty) but to reconnect with a love of line drawing and the curves of the human body are the perfect place to start. I wanted to avoid worrying about rules of proportion and allow the hand to enjoy drawing what I was seeing, gaining momentum and energy as my confidence started to grow. Scan 1Scan 6Scan 1